CTT-II Commercial Tinytach

Commercial Tiny-Tach    $65.00

Commercial Tiny-Tach

Product Overview

An hour-meter for lawn mowers, garden tractors and a variety of small engines and generators. Run-time feature is excellent for equipment rental agencies.


  • Tachometer and hour meter for gas engines.
  • Can be programmed for different engines.
  • RPM to 19,990.
  • Update time is now 1/2 second.
  • High RPM recall.
  • Contains tachometer, hour meter, two service timers, job timer and max RPM.
  • All menu controlled.
  • Standard wire length is 6 feet. Allow 2-3 weeks for custom orders.
  • Estimated battery life is 5+ years - not replaceable.


  • 4 timers - Total hours on engine-not resettable, Job timer-resettable, Service time reminder-set in hours from 5-50 (an icon flashes), Service time reminder 2-set in hours from 10-250 (an icon flashes).
  • The Commercial Gas Tiny-Tach™ hooks up the same way as the original.
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Commercial Tiny-Tach