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Tiny-Tach: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My tinytach display stuck / frozen / locked up? This is most likely caused by too many wraps of the red wire around the spark plug wire and will have to be reset. Watch this video on how to reset. Click Here
  2. What is the update time? All models currently update every 1/2 second.
  3. How do you install the Tiny-Tach? The gas tachs have a coax cable extending from the unit and ending with a red antenna wire and a white ground wire. Simple installation requires that the antenna wire be wrapped around the spark plug wire to pick up the signal. No cutting or soldering required. Easy to install and easy to remove.
  4. How is the Tiny-Tach powered? A 3 volt lithium battery powers the gas Tiny-Tachs.
  5. How long does the battery last? The lithium battery life calculates to 5+ years under normal use. It probably will last longer, but it is not replaceable because the tachs are potted and cannot be opened. Although very low draw, the battery is always on, and will display the hours when the engine is not running. If there is no display, the battery is dead. We do not recommend buying tachs from 3rd party dealers unless you are sure that it is not too old. The diesel Tiny-Tach has flash memory - no battery.
  6. What is the warranty on the Tiny-Tach? Tiny-Tachs are warranted for one year from the date of purchase by the original owner. When purchased used or through resellers as on E-bay, the manufacture date will determine the one year warranty.
  7. How many models are there? There are 2 models of the Tiny-Tach for gas engines and 1 for diesel engines. The TT2A can be adjusted to read different firing modes and can be used on most gas engines. The CTT-II commercial model is a step up from the TT2A. It is also adjustable and has additional features.
  8. Will the Tiny-Tach work on multi-cylinder engines? Yes. Occasionally a multi-cylinder engine may require a filter to cut out extreme electronic noise. Filtered models are custom built - call for information if you are having a problem with erratic readings.
  9. Is it possible to reset the hours? The TT2A Tiny-Tach records total hours and has 1 job timer which can be used to track hours and be reset to "0". The CTT-II commercial model has a job timer to track specific intervals and 2 service reminders with alerts that count down to indicate time remaining before specific maintenance tasks are required. One service reminder can be set in 5 hour increments from 5 to 50. The second service reminder can be set in 10 hour increments from 10 to 250. When set at "0" no count down will take place.
  10. Can the wire length be changed? Adjustments to wire length must be made in the black coax cable. Unless you are experienced working with coax, we recommend that you send it back to Design Technology for adjustment. You can request that the Tiny-Tach be custom built with any length coax when you place your order.