TT2A Instructions

New Standard TT2A Gasoline Engine Tiny-Tach™

Gasoline Tiny-Tach
  • RPM reading adjustable from 1 spark per 2 revolutions to 8 sparks per revolution. One TINY-TACH™ now works for most gas engines.
  • RPM display from 1 to 19,990.
  • Update time is now 1/2 second.
  • Hour meter records total actual running time on your engine.
  • Job timer can be reset to record run time for record keeping.
  • Coax cable transmits signal without EMF interference.
  • 1 Antenna cable winds around your spark plug wire to give you the RPM reading – clean and simple to attach. Signal strength can be controlled by the antenna wire.
  • Standard cable length is 6 feet. Additional length can be added at the factory for $10. If not standard, please specify total length needed in the "comments" section at the end of the order page.
  • TINY-TACH™ unit is potted to prevent damage from moisture and vibration. Lithium battery life 5+ years, not replaceable.
  • NOTE: Some engines, such as multi-cylinder outboards generate considerable electronic "noise" and may require a light filter to assure a clear RPM reading. You will find a "comments" section at the end of the order page where you can tell us about your engine – what kind and how many cylinders it has – so that we can make any necessary adjustments.
  • One year warranty. Click here for warranty information.

New Standard Tiny-Tach