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Diesel Tiny-Tach

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Diesel Tiny-Tach™ — Installation Instructions

Download Instructions for Diesel Tiny-Tach™

  1. Attach Tiny-Tach™ unit to desired location. Insure that signal cable will reach area where the transducer is to be mounted on the fuel injection line.
  2. Install Transducer. If there is paint on the injection line, remove by scraping or sand papering a narrow section of line so that the inside diameter of the transducer will make direct metal contact with the fuel line.
    • Connect Red lead of signal cable to transducer housing (ring terminal under mounting Screw).
    • Mount transducer on fuel line as shown in Fig.1 . Be sure to use correct transducer size corresponding to injection line size, or damage to the transducer may result when tightened
    • Tighten socket head cap screws very firmly, using 3/32 inch (2.38mm) hex key.
    • Ground White lead (with grounding lug) to a good engine ground. Note: Do not attach transducer to a section of fuel line that is bent, curved or flattened. Keep cable away from hot engine parts.
  • Illustration: How to install a Transducer
    1. External Power: External power is required to operate the unit. Vehicle power is most convenient, but any DC 12 VOLTS source may be used. From the black two wire power cable, connect the RED wire to the POSITIVE of the source and the BLACK wire to the NEGATIVE terminal of the source.
      • After the transducer pick-up has been installed on the fuel injection line, check to be sure it is not touching any part of the engine except the injection line to which it is attached. After operation is checked out and unit is to be permanently left on engine, it is recommended that the transducer be completely sprayed with paint to insure protection from weather or other contamination.
      • If screws are removed from the transducer and the halves become separated, for best operation be sure to reassemble so that the size number reads properly as shown above in Fig. 2.
  • Illustration: Wrong way and Correct Way