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Tiny-Tach™ Installation and Operating Instructions

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Commercial Tiny-Tach™ — Installation Instructions

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The Tiny-Tach™ meter can be mounted in the desired location using either sheet metal screws or by using double sided tape. For best results when using tape, be sure to clean off any dirt, grease and oil from the desired mounting location using a suitable solvent such as denatured alcohol.

Find a suitable route to run the pick-up wire to the spark plug wire. It is not critical how the wire is routed. It can be put into existing wire harnesses or wrapped around and taped to metal supports. Caution: Keep wire clear of extremely hot engine parts such as the muffler, etc. Wire damage (cuts or burns) will cause the wire to short and your Tiny-Tach™ will stop working. Wire damage is not under warranty.

The red wire should be wrapped around a section of the spark plug wire using 1 turn to start and try, or 3-4 turns. Please be certain you do not wrap the red wire too close to the spark plug that engine vibration will allow it to come into direct contact with the metal portion of the spark plug. Most engines have a spark plug cap and will prevent this from happening. After the connections are made, any excess wire can be coiled up and taped to a convenient area.

Illustration: Installation of a Commercial Tiny Tach

Operating Instructions for Gasoline Tiny-Tachs™

When the engine is started, the display will indicate the RPM of the engine. When the engine is shut down, the display will switch to run time, initially in minutes and then switching to hours once the total reaches 60 minutes.

Models with a Select Function

The SELECT indicator on the label surface is a pressure point that can be pushed at any time to change modes.