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Commercial Tiny-Tach™ — Operating Instructions

Download Operating Instructions for Commercial Tiny-Tach™


When engine is started, the unit will automatically switch to the Tach Mode and display an RPM reading. (figure 3)

Figure 3

Tach Mode

Figure 4

TOTAL RUN TIME is less than 199 hours

Figure 4b

TOTAL RUN TIME is greater than 199 hours

In general, when displaying time, if the number has a colon on, then the number represents hours and minutes, otherwise it representsjust hours.

Menu Button

This single button allows the user to scroll through all of the various display modes and also allows setting/resetting of parameters.  Each mode will be explained in detail in the following sections.

In general, each time the button is pressed, a new mode is displayed. If the button is pressed and held down for 5 seconds, the Reset Icon will appear, indicating that the unit will reset this parameter if the button is released while the ICON is on. If the button is held for 10 seconds, for some parameters the RESET Icon will change to a SET icon. If you release the button with the SET icon on, you will go into SET mode as explained below. If you continue to hold the Set Icon will disappear and no parameter change will occur.

If one wishes to just view the parameters, press the menu button until the parameter icon at the top of the display changes and release. Continue to do this until the parameter desired is indicated on the display. This parameter will remain on the display for 30 seconds and then will go back to its original mode.

If one wishes to reset a particular parameter, do the following. Press the menu button and the parameter icon will cycle to the next mode. If this is not the parameter you wish to reset, release the menu button and press again to go to the next parameter. If this is the parameter you wish to reset, hold the menu button for 5 seconds. The RESET icon will appear. Release the menu button and the parameter will be reset. Several examples will be given in the next sections.

Total Run Time Mode

As stated earlier this mode is displayed when the engine is not running or the select button is pressed.

Cycle through modes by pushing the select button.

Job Time Mode

This timer is typically used to measure the time of a particular work job. If user wishes to time how many run hours it takes to do a job, then the user can reset this timer at the start of the job, and the unit will keep track of the run hours in this display. To display JOB TIME, press and release the menu button, until the Job Icon is displayed. (figure 5)

To reset JOB TIME, press and release the menu button until you get to the TOT display. TIME. Then press and hold the menu button. The JOB TIME will appear. Continue to hold the menu button until the RESET icon appears. Then release the menu button and the JOB TIME is reset. (figures 6 and 7)

Figure 5

JOB TIME Display

Figure 6

Resetting JOB TIME

Figure 7


Service Timers

The unit contains two count down service timers. They can be used for example, for Oil change and Air filter replacement. To give an example, say that service timer 2 is set 250 hours. As the Engine runs, the timer will count down to zero. At this point, the display will flash the SVC2 icon until the timer is reset back. When the timer is reset, it goes back to its initial time, in this example, 250 hours. This time is changeable by "Setting" the initial service time. If a user does not wish to use one or both of the service timers, they can be disabled by setting them to 0 service time.

To display service timer one, press and release the menu button until the display shows SVC. (figure 8) Pressing and releasing the menu button one more time will display service timer two. (figure 9)


Figure 8

Service Timer one

Figure 9

Service Timer two

To reset a service timer, the procedure is just like resetting anyother timer. Press and release the menu button to get to the timer you wish to reset. When the icon for that service timer is displayed(either SVC or SVC2), do not release the menu button. Continue to hold the button until the RESET Icon appears. When this happens the number displayed will be the reset value that was previously set. This value could be zero if the timer was disabled.If this value is acceptable, release the button and the displaywill show the new service time left. (figures 10 through 12)

Figure 10

Hold menu button when you first enter Service Timer One

Figure 11

Resetting Service Timer one

Figure 12

Service Timer one with new time

If the reset value of the service timer needs to be changed, then do not release the menu button when the RESET Icon is displayed. Continue to hold it until the SET Icon is displayed and then release. The SVC and SET icon will both remain on with the current value of the starting value of service timer displayed. In this mode, every time you press and release the menu button the starting value of the service counter will increment by 5 hours up to a maximum of 250 hours and then wrap around to zero. To set this value to the current one displayed, just wait for 15 seconds and the unit will go out of set mode and display the current service time. (figures 13 through 17)


Figure 13

Holding menu button as show above

Figure 14

Display now shows SET icon


Figure 15

Now each push of the
menu button will increment the Service Timer

Figure 16

Now stop at the desismallred
value and wait

Figure 17

After waiting approximately 15 seconds the set icon will go off

Service timer one (SVC) and service timer two (SCV2) operate identically. When service timer one expires, you get a SVC icon flashing. When service timer two expires, you get a SVC2 icon flashing. To disable one or both of the service timers, just set its start value to zero.

Maximum RPM

The unit also keeps track of the maximum RPM the motor has run at. This can be displayed by pressing and releasing the menu button until the MAX icon appears. (See figure 18)

To reset the maximum RPM, the procedure is just like resetting any other parameter. Press and release the menu button until to get to the MAX icon. Hold the menu button until the RESET icon appears. Release the button and the maximum RPM parameter is reset. (see figure 19 & 20)

Figure 18

Maximum RPM displayed

Figure 19

Resetting Maximum RPM

Figure 20

Maximum RPM displayed

Battery Lifetime

The microprocessor and display are powered by an internal lithium battery. This battery is not replaceable but should last more that five years.

Pulse per number of degrees rotation

Hold the SELECT button down when selecting the degree setting and the SET icon will be displayed. (figure 21) Next push the SELECT button again until the number of degrees/pulse is selected. STOP and wait. The tach will go to TOTAL or turn off. (figure 22)


Figure 21

Select Icon displayed

Figure 22

Tach is at Total


Design Technology, Inc. hopes you enjoy your Commercial Tiny-Tach™ and find it useful.