The Tiny-Tach™ Family of Products

Tiny-Tach tachometer

Design Technology™ is the orginal manufacturer of the Tiny-Tach™ gasoline tachometer. In addition to the original, which we now call our Standard model, we make the Commercial and Diesel Tiny-Tachs.™ And if you need, we can customize a Tiny-Tach™ for most engines.

Currently available for both GAS and DIESEL engines, we are proud to announce the newest generation TINY-TACH™ for gas engines..the TT2A. No longer will you have to decide between different models to select the correct one for your engine application. The versatile new TT2A gives you the ability to adjust the tach to the firing sequence of your engine's cylinder(s). Buy just 1 - and use it on a wide variety of engines. With half-second update time the TT2A does it better and does it faster.

New Standard TT2A Gasoline Tiny-Tach

  • Simple to operate - reliable and economical
  • RPM adjustable from 1 spark per 2 revolutions to 8 sparks per revolution
  • Faster 1/2 second RPM update time
  • 0 to 19,999 RPM display
  • Total run time tracking and recording
  • Job timer to track and record intervals and then reset to "0"
  • Single coax cable to carry signal without EMF interference

Commercial Tiny-Tach

Step up to the Commercial TINY-TACH™ – A favorite with racers and those requiring the ultimate in information tracking on their gas engines.

In addition to all the features listed for the new TT2A TINY-TACH™, the COMMERCIAL'S all menu-controlled features include.

  • 2 Service reminders
  • Maximum RPM RECALL

Diesel Tiny-Tach

  • Features Lighted Display
  • Flash memory - no battery
  • Contains tachometer, hour meter, two service timers and max RPM
  • Measure both RPM and run-time with one unit
  • Works with any engine that has injection lines

Magnetic Pulse Tach

  • Flash memory - no battery
  • Will work with alternators (nonrectified output signal)
  • Works on a mag pulse pickup
  • Features tachometer, hourmeter, 2 service timers, and a job timer

Frequently Asked Questions

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